Specforce Abs Review

Specforce abs is a program intended for men and women alike who are interested in stepping up their fitness game to the next level and achieve sleek, ripped abs. The program takes you through a complete guide that contains the step by step process to achieving a phenomenaly sculpted core. By providing detail on nutritional guides, workout plans, and essential healthy habits, specforce abs provides you essential information on how to transform your body. So what can you expect from this specforce abs review you might ask?fitnesscovenant

In this specforce abs review, I will break down the entire programs step by step. Every essential detail of the program is outlined and explained so that you will gain a complete understanding of what you will be getting into when you buy the program. If you keep reading to the end of this specforce abs review you will have a complete and total understanding of what you can expect to accomplish through specforce abs based on what it is worth.


At the end of the day the overall goal of spec force abs system is to help you achieve specforce abs reviewimpeccable abs that not only will make you look amazing in a swimsuit but will also give you amazing strength as well. The program claims that by focusing on the proper muscle building exercises that are actually effective you can achieve amazing results at a much faster rate than conventional methods.

By proper muscle exercises I don’t mean just crunches and situps which is what every fitness magazine will tell you to do. The program proclaims that by engaging in exercises that are often overlooked in the fitness industry but utilized by SWAT teams you can strengthen your core at a much faster rate.

Who is Todd lambTodd Lamb

Todd Lamb, a well known tactical fitness expert, is the creator of Specforce Abs. A former swat team leader and a widely renown tactical fitness consultant, Todd has an impressive background in hard core fitness workouts for sure. It goes without saying that todd has the necessary fitness and training background needed to create a product centered on getting into peak shape.

As Todd took a step back years ago and took a look at what the American people have become as ea collective group, he was somewhat taken aback by the nations state of fitness. With roughly two thirds of Americans identified as overweight today, Todd felt as though it was his duty to make a difference. Seeing men and woman alike that had simply lost their drive over the years due to the sluggish nature of their figures Todd began to put together his system to help people regain their health and their drive. Ultimately, Todds goal is to help anyone who is eager to make a change in his or her life achieve extraordinary physiques for one, but also the drive and confidence that has dissipated in America over the years.

Why Abs are likely the most important muscles to train (according to the specforceprogram)

As the connecting segment of your body for your upper and lower parts, have strong abdominal muscles is extremely important. Being able to move with agility, speed, and strength in any activity whether it be sports or weight lifting all depends on the power of your core. Your abdominal muscles, whether you like it or not are much of the time the root of your strength and agility.

… and who wouldn’t like to see themselves with stunning washboard abs that turn heads by the pool? Although functionality is important, having abs and a body that sends the message that you are a dominant figure is also important.

Why most ab workouts are ineffective (according to the program)

Most people do ab workouts by simply tacking on a couple of sit ups and planks to their abs by tom lambworkout routines. Conventional methods laud this type of stagnant exercising.

However, this way of working out is extremely ineffective for couple of couple of reasons but primarily because these are ineffective exercises. Interestingly enough, the most commonly practiced ab exercises are the ones that are often the worst for you. You can find each of the points below explained in much greater detail in the program.

Accelerated Agingspecforce

Traditional exercises such as crunches or v-ups typically all focus on training the upper abs. As a result, the people who really dedicate themselves to these exercises can experience a condition called kyphosis. Ultimately by building strong upper abs you can end up involuntarily compress your internal organs which can accelerate aging and disease.

Pot belly and back painspecforce abs

Training your abs wrong can actually lead you to wind up with a pot belly. By training your abs wrong you can overtighten your hip flexors which can end up angling your pelvis down. This change in your body hyper bends your back and creates a protruding lower belly.

Not only can this he extremely haphazard to your health but you will appear to be much more overweight than you actually are.

Disc damageab damage

By doing the wrong ab exercises force your spine into extreme flexing. This of course can lead to intradiscal pressure. If you do these ab exercises for long enough and continue to put pressure on your vertebrae, the dividing discs in your spine can eight become disoriented or can “pop” all together.

As a result you can wind up with months of physical therapy on your hands.

Of course the program goes into much more detail on the harmful effects of practicing the wrong exercises. More importantly the program also outlines which common exercises can lead to these specific back problems and what you can do to either avoid them or apply variation so that they are safe and effective.


5 training factors

There are 5 different factors that make up the program. Whether is be to bulk up, lean down, or develop strength, each factor serves a purpose.

Abdominal armoringspec

The first factor goes into detail on how you can build a protective layer of thick abdominal muscle around your midsection. This part of the program is not primarily concerned with creating that sleek washboard abs look that will turn heads at the beach but really setting up the foundation for it. Here you will be strengthening your inner abdominal muscles to create a foundation of strength for the rest of the program

Asset stackingab workout

There are three parts to the midsection of your body… the Rectus, Obliques and Posterior . Most ab workouts focus just on the front part of the abs or the six pack part. Specforce abs however is concerned with the entire midsection and involves exercises that focus on every part of the abdominal muscles simultaneously. In order to develop thick, lean and even muscle, the program outlines specific exercises in systematic combinations.

Fixed Angle Concentrationab workout

Most ab exercises shorten the abdominal muscle fibers. This is actually when ends up causing that hunched over look that people have when they have strong upper ab section but nothing to support it. The muscles contract and tense up. The fixed angle contraction method is designed to engage your core muscles in exercises that elongate hyour ab muscles for that full, chiseled six pack effect.

Tq Workupsspecforce abs review

Tq or tissue quality workups is the sequence of workouts presented in the program. Through Tq workups the program provides clear instruction on how and when you can move to the next level of exercises based on how much you ab tissue has developed through the previous set of workouts.

Strategic Target Selectionabs

This part of the program unlike the asset stacking section focuses on exercising the key parts of your abs. Here, instead of working out all three parts of your abs simultaneously the program allows you to target the key parts of your midsection so that no part of your six pack is neglected.

Pros- Specforce Abs Review

  • If you apply the system correctly and pay attention to the details, you can expect to see results at a much faster pace than your typical ab workouts. The exercises outlined in the program are designed to jump start your body into shredding fat and packing on muscle in a much more effective manor than just doing boring crunches
  • The program does not  focus on the simple boring exercises that most people are accustomed to. You don’t need to spend hours doing situps anymore because one, these exercises are ineffective and two they can actually be harmful to your body.
  • The program applys to both men and woman, old and young. No matter what state your are in it is completely possible to get washboard abs. For some, the process might take a little bit longer, however if you stick to the system you will see results.
  • The program is extremely systematic… its boiled down to a science. As a result you know exactly what stage you are at in the program, what exercises you should progress through in each stage and when you should advance to the next stage.

Cons- Specforce Abs Review

  • As said before, the program works for anyone. However not matter what, if you  have a high x thatlevel of body fat to begin with, the reality is that you just aren’t going to see results as fast as others. You might need to work longer to get the results but rest assured with some discipline, they will come
  • This program wont give you results overnight, nor will any program on the market. There is no magic bullet for getting abs. That being said although you will be able to achieve stunning abs faster with this program than from others, it will  take some work
  • The program is digital- For some people it really does not matter what type of program they receive. Others typically like to have a physical copy

Verdictbuy specforce abs

Overall this program is a prime choice for anyone who wants to step their fitness game up to the next level. The program provides absolutely everything you need to improve your overall level of fitness and build rock solid abs. The comprehensiveness of the program and the way it breaks down concepts and applies these concepts to the actual workouts gives you piece of mind that the exercises and routines of the program really are effective. For what you pay for, you get a ton of quality information that you can utilize right of the bat.

In addition, keep in mind that its completely risk free to use the program as it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. You can reclaim your money if you are unsatisfied in any way, no questions asked an no gimmicks. Specforce abs is confident that you wont need to after the first two months results.

Thanks for the reading my specforce abs review. I hope this helped!